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February 24, 2005

tug of the current

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The stream of commerce deposited a joyful bundle on my river bank yesterday —  RMAtug

the ninth and newest volume in the annual haiku series, The Red Moon Anthology

of English-Language Haiku, which (successfully) attempts to assemble each year

“the finest haiku and related forms published around the world in English. ”  RMA 2004

is entitled tug of the current.   The title comes from a line in this poem by “our”


slave cemetery
the tug of the current
on willow fronds


        credit: The Heron’s Nest (June 2003)


In a very entertaining piece, Josh Levin pointed out at Slate yesterday, the similarities

between rappers and bloggers (via the Mad One).  I can’t vouch for rappers.  However,

since starting f/k/a, and asking haijin to be Guest Poets, I’ve felt a camaraderie similiar to

my entry into the world of weblogs — the enthusiasm of people with a passion for a

subject and desire to spread its joys.


RMAtugN   This shared hobby/advocation, and the contacts made creating the f/k/a “family”

means that receiving a new haiku anthology is like a reunion — I want to seek out

“my” folks, see how they’re doing, and tell all my friends about it.  I was very pleased

yesterday to find that so many of f/k/a’s Honored Guests have been honored with

inclusion in RMA 2004.    So, you’ll get to see some of the best published haiku of

2004 right here, as I spotlight tug of the current over the next week.


Here are three from the hyper-talented paul m:  



rain today

a foot tapping

of its own accord




dusk . . .

the awkwardness

of the first guest




Mother’s Day

a bit of shell

in the chowder



pleasantly surprised

again —

full moon at the window


                                    [Feb. 24, 2005]




 Speaking of friends and poets, George M. Wallace has neglected his lawyer weblog

long enough to pen his first double dactyl of the year, plus a haiku celebrating the end

of the deluge in southern California.   He’s bending the rules of course, as a good lawyer



“tinyredcheck”  As part of the federal crackdown on business opportunity and work-at-home scams,

the FTC has created a teaser website, to lure internet users seeking such “opportunities.”  If you

click any link to learn more about “Sundae Station” you’ll get tips on how to avoid being scammed. 

trashman small  Consumers can visit the FTC?s Web site at or for information in both English and Spanish to help spot and avoid business opportunity scams. The biggest tip should be obvious:  “Steer clear of promotions that promise big money for little effort. Fraudulent ads use similar bait: Fast cash. Minimal work.  No risk. And the advantage of being your own boss or working from home.”  

tiny check  Although “consumers” seeking to get rich quick are not at the top of my list

of victims needing regulatory protection (a position I held 25 years ago as an

FTC lawyer), I am pleased that there has been a significant crackdown on scammers.


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