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January 3, 2005

dagosan’s scrapbook — Jan. 2005

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– below are haiku and senryu written by “dagosan“, this weblog’s Editor, David A. Giacalone. most have been on the Home Page, some are outtakes and rewrites. each is a work in progress. i hope they show improvement over time and encourage others to try writing haiku –

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’til the icicle lands —

pretty blue sky

                               [Jan. 31, 2005]










the hush of Sunday morning

under new snow —

tires spin and spin

                             [Jan. 30, 2005]



zero degrees —

windchimes play

for the scarecrow and me 

                                   [Jan. 29, 2005]









sunshine finds

a prism —

forgotten paperweight

                                       [Jan. 28, 2005]




                                                               [Jan. 27, 2005]


that little grunt

dad always makes —

putting on my socks





of suds

the shower turns cold

                                                                     [Jan. 25, 2005]



staring match out my window —

I blink first

the squirrel scampers






full-moon stroll

after the snowstorm —

she’s also lovely and cold

                                         [Jan. 24, 2005]


the Plow God builds

a mountain of snow —

can’t see the river today



licking the last smudge

of ice cream from the bowl —

snowplow scrapes the street 

                                             [Jan. 23, 2005]




the blizzard

starts as scheduled  —

saturday is cancelled




waiting out

the snowstorm —

full pantry





through the frosted window –

either dull gray

or bright white



[Jan. 22, 2005]




a pink mitten

at the curb —

rubbing one small red hand


                                           [Jan. 21, 2005]








holding her breath

’til the engine starts —

visible relief

                          [Jan. 20, 2005]











holiday leftovers —

searching the closet

for baggy clothes

                                 [Jan. 19, 2005]





zero degrees

looks just like thirty —

no strollers on the street

                                               [Jan. 18, 2005]





the detective

snaps her notebook shut —

blind witnesses






mlk, jr., day —

too cold

to march?

                                                    [Jan. 17, 2005]






the rookie cop rousts

an old hobo —

feeding plump pigeons

                                           [Jan.16, 2004] 









chain-reaction crash

on the sleet-slick bridge —

ice floes speed by

                              [Jan.15, 2004]





borrowed mystery —

a toilet-paper






snowbanks and 

snowmen dissolve —

all-day rain



 [Jan. 14, 2005]




wonton soup

wanton woman

no MSG

                                  [Jan. 13, 2005,

                                                  inspiration: B. Wooldrige]








squinting at the repair bill —

fifty dollars

not five hundred

                          [Jan. 13, 2005]





toddler flounders

on the icy sidewalk —

computer crash


                     [Jan. 11, 2005]





cold fingers


coffee mug


                     [Jan. 10, 2005]






sleep-in Sunday–


finds the newspaper



                               [Jan. 9, 2005]






frozen river —

snow hides

the elm’s reflection 



                       [Jan. 8, 2005]








enough snow to make



                     [Jan. 7, 2005]






he’s stripping

the bed sheets

she shovels the walk

                                    [Jan. 6, 2005]




Adirondack chair


with snow


                 [Jan. 6, 2005, 

                         inspired by Ann Althouse]





January 5th

neighborhood stroll

no one says “Happy New Year!”

                                                     [Jan. 5, 2005]






all night 

a productive cough —

he hits the snooze button



                                        [Jan. 4, 2005]


new year

same old


           [Jan. 3, 2005]






bus station hobo –

no ticket

no bed




January 1

laughing ’til it hurts –

the Marx Brothers visit




January 2

haven’t seen the sun

all year


                          [Jan. 2, 2005]





all the snow

melted —

New Year’s morning


                             [Jan. 1, 2005]




Issa and I —

new year’s eve

at home, alone


                                       [Dec. 31, 2004]  





only crumbs

on the Christmas platter —

in bed, alone

                     [dec. 30, 2004]



 – – click here for dagosan’s archive

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