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October 8, 2004

way past legal

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linking to Doing Well by Doing Good (Legal Times, by Kristen C. Limarzi)

    • It took me far too long to start doing pro bono work, but it soon taught me that I got far more satisfaction from working on the problems of average folk than on “important” regulatory matters.  A good reason to seek out opportunities outside your current specialty.

    • The President of UMass Dartmouth is contemplating a merger with the Southern New England School of Law, saying that the recent Bar Advocate crisis “raises the importance of public service law” and shows “a need for public-service-oriented attorneys”  in the State.  SouthCoastToday.

If you’re wondering whether that prominent tattoo will be helpful for your career, check out advice and tales of regret at George’s Employment Blawg.

    • For a great suspense novel where tattoos make it hard for the protagonist  to go straight, see Norman Green’s Way Past Legal.

    • My approach to discouraging tattoos: “Well, youngin’, how many of your fads from two years ago are you willing to show off to the world this year? How about in ten years?  Forever?”

Mkids85 small   Personal Note:  By Sunday night, the third of my sister’s three children will be married — with all three weddings in 2004.  Click here for my tribute to three kids who have always brightened the life of their Uncle David. 

after corn on the cob

the photo album

– bittersweet

                           [Oct. 8, 2004]


one more by Billie Wilson


quiet house–

the chess game

where we left it


            from New Resonance 3: Emerging Voices  pawn horiz 

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  1. You know, I had never thought of that argument before when trying to talk my teenage son out of getting a tattoo, but I think I’ll start using it now! I can imagine what he would say or do if I told his “cool” friends about how he used to collect Pokemon and watch Power Rangers all the time. Or even worse, I could remind him about his Barney years. Tattoos are great, I think, if they are artistic or done well. Nothing too visible – I agree, a prominent tattoo is not something that will lend itself to helping you get a job. However, I think something small or a tattoo that can be easily hidden isn’t bad.

    I also quite agree about pro bono work – I think all lawyers should take on pro bono cases to remind themselves why they entered the profession.

    Comment by Games — June 5, 2007 @ 9:23 pm

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