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December 13, 2003

Official Re-Opening and Name Change

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Don’t say we didn’t warn you.   Despite going dormant in October (and receiving the most wonderful eulogies), ethicalEsq? has been attempting a resurrection.  After a fortnight of experimentation and disorientation, we’re ready to re-launch officially, under a new name and with our new game plan.

  • we’ve downsized our ethics coverage a bit — hoping to reduce the workload by (mostly) emphasizing positive developments in clients’ rights and legal ethics.  Don’t forget, though, that all of our ethics archives and resources are still available.
  • we’re going to actively pursue the role of Haiku Advocate, for the reasons discussed in “Yes, Lawyers and Haiku” (Dec. 7, 2003); and
  • we have finally decided on our new name: ethicalEsq & haikuEsq… [note: On May 26, 2004, we changed to our current and last name: f/k/a; see our About Page for the details.]

We hope the partnership of ethicalEsq & haikuEsq will contribute in some small way to helping lawyers achieve the balanced lifestyle prescribed by Professor Patrick J. Schiltz, in his landmark, On Being a Happy, Healthy, and Ethical Member of an Unhappy, Unhealthy, and Unethical Profession, 52 Vand. L. Rev. 871, which we discussed here last September.

sunset mountains We apologize if the name changes have confused or inconvenienced our visitors and weblog colleagues. [Hey, we said we’d be experimenting!]   Although “Giacalone’s Bar & Grill” had a certain appeal, we just couldn’t give up the ethicalEsq goodwill and didn’t want to foster a personality cult.  Also, the new haiku partner thought the Shark pix was a bit unsettling for our gentler visitors and contrary to a posture of positivity, so the grilling motif had to go.  The final weblog name makes clear the dual focus of our site, as well as the multiple personality of its Editor (the ever-present “we”). Honest, I won’t change the name again.  Really. [note: On May 26, 2004, we did change to our current and last name: f/k/a]

Please stop on by frequently for a haiku moment or a little ethics nag.   Around here at e&h, humans “count” a lot more than page hits from probes, robots or phantoms.

  • haikuEsq is thrilled to have Michael Dylan Welch as its first invited Honored Guest poet.   Thanks to his generosity, we’ll be featuring many of Michael’s haiku in our HAIKUesque feature (in the Navigation Margin) for your inspiration, and to whet your appetite for the genre.  You’ll also find his illuminating Ten Tips for Writing Haiku, on our Haiku Resources Page.

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