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The Harvard Law School Environmental Law Program (ELP) features dedicated students, innovative clinical instruction, and renowned professors with real-world expertise and passion for teaching.  Together, we employ rigorous legal analysis and policy savvy to tackle today’s most pressing environmental challenges.

Here at ELP, students have the opportunity to explore cutting-edge environmental issues in the classroom, engage with experts at our special events and programs, and practice environmental law for real clients in the Emmett Environmental Law and Policy Clinic. With the establishment of the ELP Policy Initiative this 2012, ELP now offers a comprehensive approach to environmental problem-solving.

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Emmett Environmental Law & Policy Clinic

Under the leadership of Director and Clinical Professor Wendy B. Jacobs, the Emmett Environmental Law and Policy Clinic offers students an opportunity to do hands-on, meaningful, real-life and real-time environmental legal and policy work.

Clinic offerings include local, national and international projects covering the spectrum of environmental issues.  Students may work off-campus with government agencies and nonprofit organizations, or they may work on-campus on cutting edge projects and case work under the supervision of Director Jacobs, Senior Clinical Instructor Shaun Goho, and Clinical Instructor Aladdine Joroff.

Policy Initiative

The ELP Policy Initiative promotes ELP’s influence in policy discussions about environmental, climate, and energy issues.  The Policy Initiative offers robust legal analysis and practical governance solutions that will move these discussions forward.

We identify environmental laws that underperform or need to adapt.  We apply rigorous legal analysis to identify shortcomings and opportunities for change.  Then, in partnership with experts from other sectors, we propose new and improved ways to achieve greater environmental protection.

We base our recommendations on rigorous academic research, but translate this research into straightforward, policy-relevant products, including training manuals, workshops, legislative and regulatory text, podcasts, and consulting services.

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