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I arrived from Tokyo a month ago and am now in the School Leadership Program at the Graduate School of Education. Since earning my undergraduate degree (Georgetown, School of Foreign Service) more than twenty years ago, I have worked as an investment banker and lawyer at places like Goldman Sachs, Clifford Chance and White & Case. About six years ago, I found my “voice” and decided it was time to try to make a difference in an area I really care about: education. I am a product of international education and am grateful for the opportunities it gave me. So, I’m particularly interested in the question – what can we do to educate global citizens of tomorrow?

In Tokyo, I established a dual language (English and Japanese) immersion school that offers after school and seasonal programs for both international and local students. Each year, the school expanded and now we have students from all over the world participate in our summer program. I’m very fortunate to have an excellent team of teachers and administrator looking after the programs in my absence while I study at Harvard. My objective is to learn as much as I can about school leadership and incubate ideas for launching a larger-scale school that can make an impact in promoting peace and understanding through global studies. It is my hope that children of the world benefit from this endeavor – not just Japanese children or American children – but the future citizens of the world.

日本語で自分のことを書くのが苦手ですが、ここでざっと自己紹介をします。ハーバード教育大学院のスクールリーダーシッププログラム Ed.M.(修士課程)に留学中です。20年以上前にジョージタウン大学 (School of Foreign Service)を卒業したので、アメリカでの留学は2回目です。(その間、イギリスのロイヤーの資格も取ったので留学は3回目です。)20代から30代にかけて、ゴールドマンサックスやドイツ銀行グループ、法律事務所のクリフォードチャンスやホワイト&ケースで勤めましたが、教育への強い思いがあったので6年前に東京でアフタースクールプログラムを提供するスクールを立ち上げました。今回の留学の目的は、教育、リーダーシップ、学校運営の知識を深めて次のステップに向かうことです。次のステップというのは、もっと大きな規模の学校を開発し、世界中に向けて情報発信して行くことです。


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