Beyond Banking the Unbanked: The Effects of India’s Demonetization on Financial Inclusion and Consumption Smoothing

By Aakanksha Vora Banking serves as a gateway into the formal financial system, which can decrease inequality of outcomes and opportunity for the 1.7 billion unbanked adults globally. Building a financially included economy, by banking the unbanked, can alleviate poverty and reduce wealth disparities. However, there are several barriers to access, and ownership of a Read More

The Causal Effect of Chinese Foreign Aid on Child Labor Practices in Developing Countries

By Wesley Cash The recent proliferation of Chinese foreign aid in Africa has raised many concerns about China’s potentially exploitative economic and political intentions. This paper empirically tests the effectiveness of Chinese foreign aid by measuring its effect on child labor participation in developing countries. Using a difference-in-differences-like identification strategy at the subnational level, I Read More