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The end of the Evil Empire, as we know it. That is so gay.

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Mass Movement to Mechanical Mates?

“My forecast is that around 2050, the state of Massachusetts will be the first jurisdiction to legalize marriages with robots,” artificial intelligence researcher David Levy at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands told LiveScience. Levy recently completed his Ph.D. … Continue reading

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Stupid Criminal of the Year Finalist

Spokane, WA (KXLY) – He wanted to avoid a divorce, so police say a Spokane man took his wife to his garage to show her a haunted house he created, and then tried to hang her. Sean Jennings’ wife still … Continue reading

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Mainely Family

Spent the weekend up in Down East. mainely with family. A family-friendly slideshow is available HERE

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Bed and Beyond – Way Beyond

MUMBAI (Reuters) – India’s small Jewish community is up in arms against a home furnishing maker that has named its new line of bedspreads “NAZI” and used the swastika in its promotional brochure. The furnishings dealer says the word “NAZI” … Continue reading

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Signs of the Apocolypse #885

Frog-deforming infections caused by tiny parasites are increasing because of North American farms’ nutrient-rich watershed, a new study shows. The excess nitrogen and phosphorus found in farm runoff causes more algae to grow, which increases snail populations that host microscopic … Continue reading

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World Wide Web?

WILLS POINT, Tex., Aug. 29 — Most spiders are solitary creatures. So the discovery of a vast web crawling with millions of spiders that is spreading across several acres of a North Texas park is causing a stir among scientists, … Continue reading

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    It’s back-to-school time so load up with those pencils, notebooks, rulers and, of course, a bullet-deflecting backpack, if you buy the pitch of the security accessory’s Danvers inventors.   Dads Mike Pelonzi, 43, and Joe Curran, 42, dreamed … Continue reading

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Curious George Escapes from Peru

NEW YORK (CNN) — Passengers aboard Spirit Airlines Flight 180 from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to New York’s LaGuardia International Airport had an unexpected travel companion Tuesday: a small monkey. A passenger who originally departed from Lima, Peru, and connected in … Continue reading

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Signs of the Apocolypse 872 and 873

Dogs Begetting Cats A dog has become a local celebrity in a Chinese village after she reportedly gave birth to a kitten. Hua Chengpeng, of Huayang village, Jiangyan city, told People’s Daily that the unlikely animal was the third ‘puppy’ … Continue reading

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Josiah “Jed” Bartlet for President

WASHINGTON –Fred Thompson’s expected entry into the tight Republican presidential race is drawing crucial strength from conservatives and older men, vaulting him into the thick of the nomination fight, an Associated Press-Ipsos poll says. Thompson, who has sandwiched an acting … Continue reading

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Knock Out Knock Up Knock Off

Brookline – A 19-year-old who allegedly posted ads on the Internet for “erotic massage” was arrested last week and charged with prostitution at her mother’s Coolidge Corner day care facility. Police made the bust May 6, after catching an ad … Continue reading

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