Exams: Study Breaks and Important Information


This time of year is very stressful, so be good to yourself.  Remember to sleep, eat actual food (that doesn’t come from vending machines), exercise (unless you’re like me and exercise isn’t part of your routine in which case this is probably a bad time to start), and use caffeine and energy drinks and in moderation.

Exam Study Breaks:

Midnight Pancake Breakfast
The Dean of Students Office staff has a tradition of serving up carbs and greasy food during Reading Period (and yes we get the inconsistency with the statement above).  Join us at the Midnight Pancake Breakfast upstairs in the Hark on Tuesday, December 11th from 10:30pm – 12:30am.

Law School is Ruff
The Dean of Students Office and the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund will once again co-sponsor a study break for students who love dogs and dogs who love students.  We have ten dogs signed up to visit so far.  Studies show that interacting with pets decreases stress and increases endorphins.  Join us on December 12, 11:30-1:30 on Jarvis Field.

De-Stress Chair Massage Breaks
Chair massages will take place on the first floor of the Hark (Fireside Lounge) from 11:30am-2:30pm on the following days:

·         December 11th
·         December 13th
·         December 18th
·         December 19th

Show up early to sign up for a free ten-minute massage from massage therapists from Harvard’s Center for Wellness.
We will have snacks and blank holiday cards so you can send holiday cards to members of the military.

Exam Instructions:

Exams at HLS are anonymous. Please do not contact your professor about an exam for any reason.

·   If you have a question about exam logistics or exam software:
contact Sandy Parker, Assistant Registrar for Curriculum, Enrollment and Examinations 617-384-7778 (backup – Registrar’s Office email or general number 617-405-4612  (WCC4007).

·   If you have an exam concern related to an illness, disability, personal, family or medical emergency:
contact Stephanie Russo, Disabilities Services Associate, Dean of Students Office 617-495-8733 (backup – Dean of Students’ Office email or general number 617-495-1880 (WCC 3039).

In case of illness before an exam:
·         If you are sick on an exam day, you should go directly to UHS (Holyoke Center 5th Floor )(75 Mt Auburn St) (617-495-4414) and have the doctor contact Stephanie Russo as soon as possible.
·         If you get sick after hours or on a weekend, go to UHS.  The urgent care number (24/7) is 617-495-5711. Please have your doctor contact Stephanie as soon as possible.
·         If you are sick and cannot get to Holyoke Center by yourself, call the Harvard University Police Department for a medical transport. Their number is 617-495-1212 (emergency) 617-495-1215 (non-emergency).

In case of illness during an exam:
·         If you become ill in the middle of an in-class exam, please tell a proctor immediately so s/he can stop the clock.  Then go to UHS and have the doctor call Stephanie. If you have seen the exam, barring exceptional circumstances, you must finish it that day, so you will see a doctor, stabilize, and finish later.
·         If you get sick during a take-home exam, please contact Stephanie and go to UHS.

Please note:
·   We cannot make any adjustments to an exam after the fact, so please stop the exam if necessary.
·   If there is an emergency (either personal or involving a family member), or any other issue that might affect your ability to take your exam contact Stephanie as soon as possible.
·   Please note: exams cannot be deferred because of computer theft or malfunction so please be sure to back-up all of your notes and outlines.  In the event of a malfunction, the Computer Lab has a limited number of laptops available for exam taking.

Just a reminder:  please don’t leave your computers and other personal items unattended.    There have been thefts in the library and elsewhere on campus and these often get worse as exams approach.

Registrar’s Exam website:

Academic Support website:

University Health Services website:

Please be in touch with any concerns or questions.  Good luck!

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