Election Related Announcements

We have several election related announcements:

1.      Students volunteering on election day, may request to have classes recorded with the following caveats:  classes only (not seminars or reading groups), faculty permission is required (the registrar will handle those permissions).  There is always a chance that something can go wrong (technical glitch etc) so please also plan to get notes from a classmate as backup.  If you wish to request a class taping, please email the registrar by Thursday, November 1 at 3pm.  In the email, you should include your name, the classes for which you are registered (names of course and faculty name)

2.      You are invited to an election night party at the Law School starting at 7pm in the Pub and Haas Lounge (and other areas of the first floor of WCC).  We’ll have several broadcasts (different channels in different locations) and will have food and drink (2 drink tickets to each student then a cash bar).  I learned after 2000 not to say “the election party ends after the winner is announced” so the expectation is that we will end after the winner is announced but we may set a cut-off time if it doesn’t look like we’ll have a winner that night.

3.      From The Crimson:
The Crimson has taken presidential election polls since at least 1884, when James Blaine beat out Grover Cleveland by just 20 votes among Harvard men. Harvard picked Alfred Landon and Wendell Wilkie over FDR in the 1936 and 1940 polls. At Harvard, Dewey really did defeat Truman, by a margin of more than 2:1.

Now it’s your turn to be a part of history.

Click here to vote in The Crimson’s 2012 presidential election poll. We’ll find out whether Law School students or Grad School of Design students like Obama more, whether science or humanities concentrators are more likely to pick Romney, and how many Harvard students want to legalize medical marijuana in Massachusetts.

Please cast your ballots by 5 p.m. today so that we can analyze the results and announce them before Election Day. You need not be a registered voter to participate.  Contact managingeditor@thecrimson.com with any questions. Happy voting!

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