Thanksgiving Holiday Hours


The Law School is officially closed from Thursday to Monday.

Here is some information about access to buildings and services during the holiday break.


The Library is closed Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  They reopen Sunday from 9am to midnight

More information about library hours is at:

Alternative Study Space

The Hark will be open (no food service but open study space) on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 6am to midnight

The first floor of Pound will be open on Friday from 9am to 9pm


The gym will be closed Thursday, Friday and Saturday and will reopen on Sunday at 2pm

More information on Hemenway hours is at


Food service in the Hark is closed from Thursday through Sunday

Other options:!.aspx

Whether you are flying home to be with family, heading someplace warm with friends, or staying here to catch up on work, I hope you can take some time for yourself this holiday to get some rest and have some fun.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Ames Final Round Thursday night

The Board of Student Advisers invites you to attend the Final Round of the Upper Level Ames Moot Court Competition this Thursday,  November 17th at 7:30pm in the Ames Courtroom in Austin Hall.

Presiding over this year’s Final Round argument are Justice Sonia Sotomayor of the U.S. Supreme Court, Judge Frank Easterbrook of  the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, and Judge Peter Rubin of the Massachusetts Appeals Court.

This year’s Final Round case is Garfield v. United States. The case presents two questions:  First, whether the Stolen Valor Act, 18 U.S.C. Sec. 704(b), (d), a statute that authorizes a prison term of up to one year for those who lie about receiving certain military honors, is invalid as applied to petitioner Otis Garfield under the Free Speech Clause of the First Amendment.  Second, whether Garfield is entitled to resentencing because the District Court deprived him of his right to speak at sentencing, in violation of Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 32(i)(4)(A)(ii).

Representing the petitioner Otis Garfield is The Honorable John McCarthy Roll Memorial Team:  Avis Bohlen, Adam Hallowell (oralist), Jessica Palmer (oralist), Yvonne Saadi, Matthew Scarola, and Benjamin Watson.


Representing the respondent, The Belva Ann Lockwood Memorial Team:  Caroline Anderson (oralist), Matthew Greenfield (oralist), Stephen Pezzi, Mitchell Reich, Stephanie Simon, and Noah Weiss.


Viewing the Argument

Admission to the oral argument in Ames Courtroom is ticketed, with distribution starting at 4pm on a first-come, first-served basis:

–          A set number of green admission tickets will be handed out to those first in line – doors to Ames open at 6:45 for seating, tickets good for admission until 7:10p

–          Several yellow stand-by tickets will then be given out once the guaranteed admission tickets have all been distributed, any available seating will be opened to those with stand-by tickets beginning promptly at 7:10p

–          Students must have a valid HLS ID card to enter Ames Courtroom for the argument

–          Dean of Students Office staff will collect tickets upon entrance to the Courtroom – please use the restroom and store your belongings before returning to the Courtroom for seating prior to the event, as no one will be allowed in or out once the argument begins

–          No bags, backpacks, cameras, food or drink will be allowed into the Courtroom, and all cell phones must be turned off or silenced for the duration of the argument

–          Seats cannot be reserved and will be reassigned if left unoccupied

–          Once Ames Courtroom is at capacity, students will be permitted to watch the webcast in the overflow classrooms – Austin West, Austin East, and Austin North


The record and briefs are available at

The argument will also be live-blogged at:

2011 Harvard Leadership Conference: Collaborating for Change

In celebration of the 375th Anniversary of Harvard, the Office of the Provost, and the Harvard Graduate Council, along with over 10 Centers/Institutes of the University are proud to present the 2011 Harvard Leadership Conference: Collaborating for Change on November 5th from 10:00AM-6:00PM.   This  jammed packed conference is participatory, interactive and engaging, specifically designed with activities to ensure that you meet and engage with graduate students from other schools!  It will focus on Three Key Areas: SKILLS, STUDIOS & SPEAKERS.

SKILLS: Participants rotate through a series of workshops that focus on teaching and sharing key leadership skills such as communication strategies, how to delegate tasks, forming effective teams, motivational speaking, among many others.

STUDIOS: Rather than using traditional panels, we have curated topical studio spaces that are active and dynamic! In these studio spaces, participants will engage in case studies, video documentaries, forum theater, musical performances, mock debates and active discussions with other students and current leadership from academia, industry, government and the social sectors.

SPEAKERS: Think TEDtalks! Active, engaging, stimulating and relevant! We promise our speakers will motivate and inspire you!

Lunch catered by Clover Food Labs, and great free flowing coffee to keep you energized through the day!

Details and Registration @


Note: Due to limited capacity and a desire to get equitable representation from each graduate school, participation from each school is being capped based on the number of students each school has in proportion to the entire graduate student body. Please register NOW to reserve your spot!