A Healthy Homemade Ice Cream Replacement to Beat the Heat

It’s been hot this weekend and since I don’t have air conditioning in my apartment I need another way to keep cool. It is good weather for ice cream but ice cream is high in saturated fat and sugar so I made a healthier alternative using what I had on hand. A homemade fruit sorbet the perfect healthy ice cream replacement.

Here are the instructions if you want to make own.


1 frozen banana
1 half fresh avocado
frozen tropical fruit mix
frozen mango
1 tbsp organic blue agave syrup

Equipment: High speed blender such as a vitamix.

First add the avocado, then add the frozen fruit, final finally add the agave syrup. Start blending on low and then increase the speed to 10 then to high. Using the tamper push down the fruit to blend it. Continue blending and pushing with the tamper until the desired consistency is achieved. Scoop out of the blender. The sorbet can be eaten immediately or stored until later.

One thing, I like about this recipe is that it lends itself to experimentation and adaptation. For example, I normally use ice but — perhaps because it was a hot day — the stores I went to had none left in stock. No problem, I simply made sure that I used plenty of frozen fruit.

Feel free to experiment but I recommend using bananas and avocado if possible. These help give the creamy consistency that makes this such a good ice cream replacement.

Disclaimer: I’ve only tested this recipe with a Vitamix. I don’t know how the recipe will work with another blender but if you try it please let me know how it goes. The recipe above is my creation but I’m not the first person to suggest using a blender to create a healthy ice cream replacement. Numerous other people have their own recipes. I’m sharing mine here because I hope it will be useful for those who are also looking for a healthy way to beat the heat.

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3 thoughts on “A Healthy Homemade Ice Cream Replacement to Beat the Heat

  1. 1st, I’ve said it before that i envy your Vitamix, 2nd cool frozen experiment, and 3rd I feel it needs to be said that you live a block and a half from the best Frozen yogurt store on the planet, (and yes i feel i am qualified to make that distinction) and while I am all for vita-mix experimentation, its right there! I drive into that particular city and neighborhood you live in on a semi-regular basis (an i always manage to get lost on the way out dispite the GPS) for the sole purpose of purchasing and taking home that frozen yogurt to stick in the freezer for later consumption. Just saying, it’s good and you should try it! (I am pretty sure that everything in it is in your diet)

  2. Amy, I do like Berryline and I’ve been there a bunch of times. While Berryline is certainly healthier than ice cream, I think I wanted something even less sweet. It was also kind of fun to make my own dessert. Also I’ve gone to Berryline with coworkers often enough that the thrill is gone 🙂

  3. Avacodo in ice cream?! I think you have concocted an odd combination of foods to put together. Does Vitamix provide recipe ideas? I have heard people using ingredients in it like cabbage that you wouldn’t think to drink, although I support purple cabage efforts. I have thought of making a green tea ice cream lately. I would use Agave in mine as well. And I am considering a non-violent diet. I think I would have made that into a few courses, but that may be my problem. I wonder if purifying many foods into drinks and soups increasing or decreasing the amount of food we consume, but that may depend on many factors.

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