First Blog Post

“First Post” as they used to say on slashdot.

This is my first blog post.

After spending far too long considering blogging and agonizing about the optimal approach, I’ve decided to just jump into it.

As such, I’m not sure how this blog will evolve over time.  For example,  I expect to focus on technical topics but I reserve the right to write about other things.  Similarly I’m using because I work at Berkman and it is a convenient platform with has good Google juice but I might decide to move to another server in the future.

Some of my goals of blogging are:

  • Increasing my Google rank so I’m the first search result for “David Larochelle”.
  • Getting ideas out of my head and into a place where other people can see them.

    I occasionally think of projects or ideas that I haven’t seen mentioned elsewhere.  Unfortunately I don’t have time to implement everything so a lot of this stuff gets stuck in my head.  As they say in “Getting Things Done”, you should get stuff out of your head.  So by posting this stuff here, I hope to get it out of my head and get feed back from the Internet community on what’s worth implementing.

  • Having a web site that I can point people to (my old home page is now hopelessly out of date).   I know that home pages are less popular after the rise of social networking but I still think that twitter and facebook are not always enough.  Facebook is quasi-private and twitter’s message limit makes it impossible to deeply discuss things.  Also both services don’t archive well and can be thought of as temporary media.

Well there you have it — the intro to my blog.  Check back soon for a blog post about something other than blogging.