The Digital Natives project is a collaboration between the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School and the Research Center for Information Law at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. Digital natives, a term made popular by Marc Prensky, are young people whose use of technology is completely ingrained in their lives -they have grown up always-on and constantly-connected. Unlike those even a little bit older, these Digital Natives didn’t have to learn to “be digital,” they learned in digital the first time around.

The project’s goal is to better understand young people’s experiences with digital media, including Internet, cell phones and related technologies. By gaining insight into how digital natives make sense of their interactions in this digital landscape, we may address the issues their practices raise, learn how to harness the opportunities their digital fluency presents, and shape our regulatory and educational frameworks in a way that advances the public interest.

For more information about the Digital Natives project, please visit our project page and wiki

Principal Investigators:
John Palfrey
Urs Gasser

Research Fellows:
danah boyd
Sandra Cortesi

Curriculum developer:
Kris Clerkin
Rosalie Fay Barnes

Research Assistants:
Ashley Lee
Momin Malik

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