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bike ride after work

Arlington’s Great Meadows:

  • bulbous buttercup (Ranunculus bulbosus) (buttercup family) – The sepals were bent back against the stem. This was on the Minuteman trail, a ways before AGM.
  • brown thrasher (Toxostoma rufum) (mimidae) – Heard this one first. I was pretty sure of the sound, even though there were a lot of catbirds around making things confusing. Eventually it flew across the clearing I was in. It was pretty big, and very brown. I thought of it as “between a blue jay and a crow” in size.
  • northern flicker (Colaptes auratus) (picidae) – I flushed this one from the path when I came over a hill (apparently they eat ants in openings). It flew up into a tree, and I was able to inch closer. It wasn’t until I heard it sing that I figured out what it was.
  • american woodcock (Scolopax minor) (scolopacidae) – I flushed one while I was sneaking up on the flicker. Its beak was ridiculously long and its body gourdlike, and it flew clumsily, like a bumblebee. Two more flew away fifteen seconds later or so.

7 Responses to “bike ride after work”

  1. DrovosekusDD Says:

    Случайно наткнулся через гугль! Очень интесно 😉 По моему мало развернутая мысль, хотелось б более обширно почиатать.

  2. UnitedVoodoBoy Says:

    почитал – всё супер! Только исправьте пунктуационную ошибку в первом абзаце 🙂

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