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An Unexpected Encounter

“Marvel 6”

Now whither our Shazam? Sivana whence?
Poor Billy scarcely can believe his sight —
His wizard friend was e’er his best defense,
And mazed he stands, yet wholly without fright,
And gathering now his mental faculties,
And pondering how the scene before him lies,
Heart racing, racing thoughts, perturbs his ease
And having thought it all quite through he cries:
“How thou, vile man, usurpéd hast the throne
Of wise Shazam, I cannot tell — in truth
I do not care. Thou’lt feel my fists, and moan!”
Sivana’s wry, unique reply: “Forsooth?”
But wastrel, fool! I’ve left us but twelve beats:
Tomorrow’ll tell us whom and who defeats.

10 Responses to “An Unexpected Encounter”

  1. Tityrus Plex Says:

    man, this is way hyper than that gay shit where BD loses his leg.

  2. Desultor Says:

    According to the internet, Get Fuzzy has some sort of leg-loss subplot going on too. Me, I prefer to keep things mighty of spirit, whole of body, and uplifting for all.

    Did you know that Captain Marvel is based on Fred MacMurray, appearance-wise?

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