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This is sad. Victor Hugo is a wonderful bookstore. I hate to see a good place for used books go.

I found about this through an Australian weblog. I guess I should get over to Boston more often. Or at least, before May.

But on the upside, I just found out about the Bryn Mawr bookstore in Cambridge…

15 Responses to “Handbaskets”

  1. Ezra Cooper Says:

    Danny of Oz has some pretty cool ideas, like correcting our orthography.

  2. Desultor Says:

    Of course I’m always happy to see another fan of continuous timezones, as well. Though I find his idea of building GPSes into all timepieces elitist and disturbing. Much more democratic to look up at the sky and take a guess. And his Olympics idea is admirably spirited. Altogether, I like that weblog a lot — plenty of links and not much yappin’ — always good for an interesting distraction.

  3. hand up Says:

    Salut there Captain hows hanging these days

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    I can’t believe things like this still happen.

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