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The learned word for correct pronunciation is orthoepy, which is itself kinda tough to pronounce. It looks like both orTHOepy and ORtho-epy are accepted.

Some people’ve spelt it with an umlaut, orthoëpy. But that’s deprecated.

9 Responses to “Righttalking”

  1. cromulent Says:

    He who spelt it dealt it.

  2. cromulent Says:

    He who spelt it dealt it.

  3. cromulent Says:

    He who spelt it dealt it.

  4. Ezra Cooper Says:

    i’d like to see some orthoposting with orthofrequency around here.

  5. wub Says:

    Yes, orthoëpy is quite often spelled with those two dots above the e. But even though the two dots appear identical to an umlaut, they are in fact a different symbol called a diæresis (pronounced

    Unlike the umlaut, the diæresis is used (over the second vowel of two adjacent ones) to indicate that thes two vowels lie in separate syllables.

  6. DMM Says:

    Interesting: an umlaut signals a particular vowel sound within a single syllable; whereas, a diaeresis signals a temporal separation (not a combination) of the sounds of abuting vowels.

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