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First day of class today, so I have my notebook from last semester. I came across a quotation in it, which I wrote down in Union Square in maybe December.

“Hey buddy, can you help me out with any change? I’m a homeless guy.”

I thought it was interesting that this man would call himself “a homeless guy” instead of just “homeless”. The former seems more third-person, the way someone with change might refer to a homeless guy.

Nives: Oh my God, I was just in Webster Center and I saw this homeless guy just sitting out on one of the benches!
Dives: What, here?!
Nives: Yeah, he had some sign about he like needed work or whatever. He spelled like every word wrong. He looked super sketchy, like he was drunk or something, so I called the cops.
Dives: God! In Webster of all places!

2 Responses to “Overheard”

  1. Erin Says:

    That is a very interesting construction. It would be as if one of your clever characters were to say, “Hey prolo, can you get out of my way? I’m a rich bastard.”

    Because normally s/he’d just say, “Move. I’m rich.”

    And move I shall!

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