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Classless, Crass and Deplorable

Janet’s titty has the nation atwitter!

Michael “Fair and Balanced” Powell sez: “That celebration was tainted by a classless, crass and deplorable stunt. Our nation’s children, parents and citizens deserve better.”

It is always interesting when someone calls something “classless”. Exercise for the reader.

“Crass” is interesting too. The root word, Latin crassus, means “solid, thick, fat”. It comes to refer to things in the material realm, as opposed to spiritual things. Remember, kids – spiritual and physical are different! Iesus rex est!

We’ve also got another version of the word from the French. In Old French, the initial “c” of crassus became a “g”, giving the French the antecedent of their modern word gras. I haven’t checked a historical French dictionary, but I assume the sense developed in French pretty early into fat, or fatty tissues. English appears to have picked it up, like so many other hunting or eating words, in the Middle English period, when those fat, classy Normans were running the show. It is now our “grease”.

The translation in Le Monde picks up more on the class aspects of Powell’s speech, and seems to ignore his attempt to backhandedly pun on French cognates to suggest that Americans are too fat (you’re not so skinny yourself, Mr. Powell!). They have his speech as

Comme des millions d’Am

9 Responses to “Classless, Crass and Deplorable”

  1. snjoseph Says:

    Also interesting is that Powell seems to have missed the fact that the LIVE TOTALLY NUDE indiscretion was largely the result of media consolidation of which Powell has been an avid supporter. So CBS, which purchased Super Bowl 38 (I find the Roman numerals a decadent excess), subcontracted out the half-time show to MTV, its corporate sister on the Viacom side. MTV in turn designed a show to cater to its own market as well as that of radio station conglomorate Infinity Broadcasting, related to MTV on the CBS side.

    So far from being without class, the show in fact represented the concentrated efforts of one of the most advanced sections of the international bourgeoisie.

    The irony of synergy!

  2. Erin Says:

    Janet’s tit is solid, thick and popular. Crass and vulgar all the way, baby!

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