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All Maypoled Out

More on the Restorapture conceit, tho I fear it be too slight to bear all this massy weight of supposition… this is from Aubrey again…

Now, as the Morne growes lighter and lighter, and more glorious, till it is perfect day, so it was with the Joy of the People. Maypoles, which in the Hypocriticall times ’twas sin to sett up, were now sett up in every crosse way; and at the Strand, neer Drury Lane, was sett up the most prodigious one for height that (perhaps) was ever seen; they were faine, I remember, to have the assistance of the Sea-man’s art to elevate it; [now that’s one big erection! -d] that which remains, being broken with a High Wind, I think about 1672, is but two parts of three of the whole height from the grownd, besides what is in the earth. The Juvenile and rustique folkes at that time had so much their fulnesse of desires in this kind that I think there must have been very few sett-up since.

I suppose this would mean lots of sex, drugs etc. after the Rapture. Still sounds like fun. Though apparently boring after a while.

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