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Archive for October, 2003

Mizzable Night

Friday, October 3rd, 2003

The boiler in my apartment building ran out of water last night. We were awoken by the smoke alarm, and when awake we couldn’t help but notice the smoke, and the stank-ass sulfur smell. Someone called the fire department and we all milled around outside, cold and sleepy, until they had turned off the boiler and made sure it wasn’t going to start any fires.

“Lola” made note of the “wry” Cambridge cop we talked to briefly. When he told us it was a waterless boiler, he said “You’d think they’d’ve checked that” with a world-weary cynicism which was wonderful to behold. I thought “wry” a lovely choice of words. It originally meant something like “twisted, distorted”. There are lots of nice words with that “wr” phonestheme, like “writhe” and “wriggle”. “Wrist” and “wrench”.

The firemen took about 1/2 hour, and when we got back inside the apartment stunk too bad to permit sleep, so we watched a Buffy (Fuffy vs. Baith), let the place air out some, and drank some herbal tea. I had to “sleep” with my windows wide open for maximum air, and damn! shit is cold around here these days.

And up early this morning, just in time to bomb a Composition test on verbs of enjoining, commanding, permitting and the various and exciting constructions they take.

I should like ever so much to expostulate about the surpassing genius of the Fuffy vs. Baith episode, but alas! no time. Maybe later.

Well I’ll Be.

Wednesday, October 1st, 2003

AP headline this morning: “Rapper C-Murder convicted of murder”.