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Heads on Poles

I’ve been sickened at seeing pictures of Uday and Qusay’s split skulls everywhere on the news. And the pornographers are talking about distributing a video now. “Faces of Death – Special Democracy Edition”

Fie on it! Pfui!

I had always understood that we were past this sort of casual brutality. That we had some sort of moral development beyond, for instance, the English of 250 years ago, who actually wired together a hanged man’s bones after the buzzards had picked off the rotting flesh, that the gibbeted skeleton might serve as an example to the uncivilized Highlanders.

Or past the Romans of ~2000 years ago, who might leave a crucified man tied to his instrument of agony long past his time for learning lessons. Because really it’s the others you want to teach – his shocked and blasted children, anyone else who might consider petty or High crimes.

Fah! Foh!

What about the children? Won’t somebody think of the children? But maybe it’s good for them to see stomach-churning images of gruesome violent death on the front pages and the TV. We aren’t past impaling enemy’s heads on the city walls – why should they think we are? Maybe a return to public executions would help too, out with it all.

Salam Pax‘s take on the matter is interesting…

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