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So, its been ~7 months since I’ve been here! Hmmm! I actually had to go back and see what I had last posted. After reading it, I chuckled to myself because originally, the title for this post was going to be “One more thing to be thankful for…”

Many of you probably know that there is a lottery drawing in New England tonight that is expected to be worth more than half a billion dollars. Some of you also probably know that my BIL had a serious stroke back in the spring. Why do I bring these two things up now, you’re probably wondering…

When it was announced on Wednesday that there were no winners in the lottery drawing, my husband said to me “We have to get a couple tickets for Wednesday” (we don’t usually play the lottery). I said to him “You know, its almost getting too big. I don’t know if that’s what I’d want. It would change our lives. What would we do?” To which he responded, “Well, I’d have them take the taxes right off the top, which would cut the amount we’d get in half.” “Then?”, I asked. “Then, I’d go back to Vegas and build Tom a brand new home. I’d stay there for a month and design it so that his every need would be met.”

Now, THAT is brotherly love! THAT is what I love about my man! THAT is what makes me a VERY lucky lady!

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  1. daisy Says:

    Awww…what a sweetie.