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No, I don’t mean the Bruins – though they did a pretty good job at it themselves!

So, last week, I see this lady walking with the cutest little Mary Jane style shoes and I thought to myself “I need those!”

Whilst shopping this past weekend, I could not walk past the clearance shoe section without at least looking!!! Yes, it is a problem. I promise to seek help. Soon.

Lookie what I found:

Heeheeheehee!!!!!! Aren’t they awesome???

Jealous?!?!?! Wait!!!!! It gets even better! Remember I said clearance section??? They were $54.99 (not that I would have paid that!) marked down…… 90%!!!!! Yes, that means they were marked down to $5.49!!!!!! Wait!!!!! It gets even better! I had a coupon for 30% off!!!!!

Heeheeheehee!!!!! I paid less than $4.00 for a the them there shoes!!!!!!


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