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Gone country!

Okay, I need your help. I also need your friend’s help, your father/mother’s help, your brother/sister’s help, your spouse/significant other’s help, as well as any stranger’s you might pass in the street’s help.

Angie, over here at Home Grown (aka: Big Red Couch) is running a contest and I have to have that t-shirt!!!!


My house may not be as country as Angie’s but before we moved there, we didn’t need that John Deere. I didn’t have deer running around my backyard. I would have never thought to “decorate” my yard with bird houses. I would not have a squirrel living in a bird house in my yard. I would have never built my “gardening bench”. I would have been perfectly content with my annual plants but am now educating myself on perennials.

So, yeah, I guess we do live in the country! Please, please, please help me!!!!! Its easy:

Just click here: Home Grown and copy and paste (or type) this: “Mary from Curtin Call sent me!” into Angie’s comment section on her Gone Country entry, and “I just maght git me that there John Deeah t-shirt, y’all!”

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3 Responses to “Gone country!”

  1. Angie Says:

    You are very fast, Mary! LOL Your readers are all over this one.

  2. daisy Says:

    Done…so…do we get to all share the t-shirt?

  3. Western Furniture Girl Says:

    Moving to the country can be quite the change from city life! The home grown site is very cool might have to enter the tshirt contest myself lol