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Can you find the cat in this photo?

I just remembered a funny story about when we were moving.

The movers had shown up to load all our earthly belongings onto their truck. We were concerned about Shadow getting out but also knew that there was no way to prevent it. Our movers were fantastic and did the best they could but did, at one point, let us know that they thought he had run out the garage door but they also thought that he’d run right back in the front door.

Well, they finished packing and, with the exception of those few last minute things that would be tossed in a box and put in our car, the house was completely empty. And no Shadow. We were so upset. We were outside calling him, shaking a box of dry food on the deck (knowing how much he loves food) and… nothing.

I went to do a couple last minute errands and Brian called. Found him!

Can you?

Shadow hiding

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3 Responses to “Can you find the cat in this photo?”

  1. Ben Says:

    This is like a “I can haz cheezeburger” picture. Maybe…


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