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Soooo tired!

Apart from any medical procedures or sleeping pills – does anyone out there know how to make a cat sleep?

Frosty seems to be going back to his kitty ways.  We used to get to sleep until about 5/5:30 before he would begin to screech for someone to get up and play with him.  It slowly began to go back to being more like 4/4:30 and over the past week, some mornings, it was even 3/3:30.  That is what prompted me to be absolutely sure that he gets lots of play time when we get home at night and I wouldn’t let him just snuggle up in the sun and sleep – I need him to sleep when we sleep!

Well, that is NOT working – this morning he started at 2:21 (yes, exactly) and would begin his screeching in a pattern that amazingly coincided with the time that you were just about to doze back off to sleep.

This is not good.  I am very tired.  I am going to be very grumpy if we can’t fix this.  Help!!!


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3 Responses to “Soooo tired!”

  1. Ben Says:

    I cannot stand getting woken. I used to chase Mr. Jones around the house with a water gun at 2:21 AM (or something lke that) like a lunatic. It worked after a while (mostly).

    I still have a water sprayer under my side of the bed which I actually used just this morning at 5:30-ish I managed to hit both cats without lifting my head off the pillow and went back to sleep.

    Doesn’t work on 3 year olds, though.

  2. stacy Says:

    Welcome to my world. Only I’d get arrested for using a water pistol on a baby.

    Seriously, Matt has thrown pillows, clothes, and slippers at George (cat) when he bugs us too early. George doesn’t screech, but gets all in your face and purrs. I usually get a nice grip on his chest just below the neck and throw him to the foot of the bed.

  3. Dimitris Says: