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ick, bleh, grrrrrr… ditto!

Okay, I’m just going to copy and paste today’s update from one of my fellow bloggers because, well, I just could not have said it any better:

This time of year is worst. The days crawl by. Snow flurries threaten. Winds blow. The temperature hovers in the thirties.

No wonder March harbors silly holidays like St Patty’s, Mardi Gras, and Purim: anything to relieve the monotony.

I am sick of seeing my pasty white face in the mirror, sick of
putting on boots, mittens, hats, gloves, scarves. And we’ve still got
mud season to get through before it really improves.

I just returned from 5 days in northern Florida. Maybe I shouldn’t
have gone. Its worse, knowing there are parts of the country which are
   (This is her note, I didn’t  get to go to Florida!)

Six weeks from now you’ll hear me wax poetic about the nascent
spring, the dewy tulips and the fresh warm breezes. But for now I am
going to dig curmudgeonly into my gloom and wail on.

P.S.  In follow up to a conversation going on in our work lunch room yesterday where folks were saying how they just KNOW we’re going to get one more storm, I was reminded last evening by my brother (who happens to be visiting mom and dad… where else?  Florida!) that said mom and dad are scheduled to arrive back home to the Northeast on April 3rd and, inevitably, I mean…  EVERY YEAR, we get a snow storm once they arrive home.  So, go ahead… mark your calendars…. April 4th, we WILL be shoveling.

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One Response to “ick, bleh, grrrrrr… ditto!”

  1. Molly Says:

    Mary, I’m glad you could relate to the post. I felt remorseful after I wrote it: kind of like I was saying bad things about a losing team!
    When the spring comes it will be glorious. And for now, I haven’t put away my snow shovel…