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One happy camper!

As mentioned previously, I received a digital camera for my birthday
nearly 6 months ago!  I was so very proud of myself when I got the
photos from the camera to the computer (using iPhoto) but had not been
able to get them from the “picture” section of my blog to the home
page.  Well, my sweet friend, Molly, was kind enough to come over
and show me how to post photos (see prior post) and now I am so very
excited.  Stay tuned for  additional postings!

I am also using Firefox as my browser which means that I can now edit my text (i.e. bold, underlined, italicized, change text color and even change background color.)

Gee, this technology stuff is great.  I keep this up and I’m going
to have to come up with a new “Who am I?” for the sidebar!

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