Burmese naval locations

The new inland capital at Naypyidaw is the official Burmese naval headquarters, including the Strategic Naval Command, but the main shipyard, hydrographic, diving and salvage, engineering, stores, and communications units are located in Rangoon.  The Irrawaddy Regional Command is also in Rangoon.  (The commercial port of Rangoon, operated by Hutchison Port Holdings, is at Thilawa, 15 miles south of the city.)  The five regional commands are:

Irrawaddy (Rangoon)
Panmawaddy (Hainggyi Island 15°59’51″N 94°19’31″E)
Mawyawaddy (Moulmein)
Tanintharyi (Mergui)
Danyawaddy (Sittwe)


Unimaginable stability

From an article in The New Yorker article:

A new age in the science of prehistory had begun in 1949, when radiocarbon dating was invented by Willard Libby, a chemist from Chicago. One of Libby’s first experiments was on a piece of charcoal from Lascaux. Breuil had, incorrectly, it turns out, classified the cave as Perigordian. (It is Magdalenian.) He had also made the Darwinian assumption that the most ancient art was the most primitive, and Leroi-Gourhan worked on the same premise. In that respect, Chauvet was a bombshell.

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