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To all the forseers


Many of us have had those moments of déjà vu where we realize we’ve been somewhere before, yet it is our first time visiting this place or we watch something happen and know exactly what’s going to happen as it’s happening. This can be called whatever you want, yet it is still a foresight. Some people realize that these events have happened in dreams and others just call it their gut instinct. Regardless of the fact, you can’t ignore that it does happen. There are also individuals that have much more powerful remembrances  and instincts and those, I suppose for a contextual basis we could refer to them as psychics. Regardless of your personal belief on whether foresight exists or not, stay with me here as I have an argument to make on what to do with knowledge of futuristic events.
If an individual is given the ability to foresee a disaster, event, or pain, is this an interference of free will or was that gift put in place by the creator of the human race for the purpose of interfering with the event?
So everything happens for a reason. I’m a firm believer in this conjecture as just as Newton’s Law states, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. I break my bone, I feel pain. I receive a consequence for carelessness and can’t use that bone and feel the pain until it heals. In a futuristic sense, this taught me to be more careful to avoid what caused me to break that bone. Perhaps this avoids an even worse consequence.  Hopeful thinking, isn’t it? It’s this type of thinking that gets many people through the worst events of their life no? “There’s someone out there that is worse.” “It could always be worse.” So what you’re telling me that this event is happening to prevent something worse. I suppose it’s an uplifting way of thinking whether present tense or future.
Let’s say I’m given the ability to predict that the United States is going to face strong political unrest over the next year and that California is going to sink into the ocean because of an ocean floor Earthquake. If I absolutely know this is going to happen, should I share it? If everything happens for a reason, and everything has a purpose, wouldn’t the obvious purpose be to tell the people? But it’s an interference of free will! It’s not right to influence the fate of Californians if they’re supposed to all drown! Or would I be meant to tell the unforeseen Californians and those that have faith in my words have the chance to choose life or death? Suppose you’re out jogging, and I’ve seen a car going through a red light and hitting and killing you, now granted you actually want to live, would you not want  to know and have that opportunity to knowingly chose death or life? I know I would-don’t know about everyone else though.
That individual was given that ability for a reason, it is against the virtues and rules of many belief systems that it is wrong to make waste of the abilities you are given. See on an foreseers that are out there.

Translational Poem of 2012


I had found an old loose translation of what I believe focuses in conjunction to other ancient texts on the upcoming 2012. It seemed compelling so I felt the need to share.
In the end destiny cries,
All that is truth and all that is lies.
Within boundaries of type setting words,
Piercing, and tearing like sharpened swords.
Fear is bound within our minds,
Of things we know in sorts and kinds.
We release the truth to all;
Letting it roll and letting them fall.
It has begun-the race through time,
Of all that is yours and all that is mine.
Shifting, shaping, the future holds,
What lonely men wait for in the cold.
Timeline ticking, we race to the end,
The old, the new, that time doth bend.
Some will live yet most die,
Some will smile some will cry.
The field that adheres our feet to the ground,
Shifts and swirls round and round.
Moving, shaping, until it stops,
Reversed and changed, what’s old is lost.

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