The Counterterrorism and Humanitarian Engagement Project at the Harvard Law School aims to explore and understand the intersections of counterterrorism norms and humanitarian principles, their manifestations, and their trajectories.

Managed by Harvard Law School Senior Fellow Naz Modirzadeh, the CHE Project undertakes legal research, policy analysis, and engagement initiatives. Through these activities, the Project attempts to identify and develop — as well as to facilitate networks to support — sustainable, principled, and practical solutions to the challenges of large-scale humanitarian operations conducted in areas where listed armed groups are active and where counterterrorism laws affect humanitarian action.

The CHE Project is pursuing a range of research and policy projects, including one on current trends in counterterrorism clauses in humanitarian grant frameworks. Alongside its academic and policy portfolios, the CHE Project seeks to provide a space for research-informed engagement between international humanitarian NGOs, intergovernmental agencies, academic centers, and governments concerning the complex legal, policy, and operational facets of humanitarian response in conflict situations involving counterterrorism laws.