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A Sad Week for Apple Fans

Filed under: Policy — March 5, 2005 @ 12:46 pm

I’ve long been an Apple fan. So it’s sad to see them sue a blog. Sure, Apple should protect its trade secrets. But you didn’t see them suing Newsweek when they leaked the iMac G4 a day before the launch. And that was the iMac, for goodness sake, not some Midi hardware box. Not to mention that Newsweek probably had an exclusive contract with restrictions, too. The person Apple should be suing is their inside leaker. That person violated the terms of his contract for sure. The blog only did its job of reporting the news it obtained. Let’s not confuse reporting and spying.

What’s truly sad is to see a company like Apple claiming that blogs don’t deserve the protections that journalists enjoy. I would have expected them to get it, to not help shield the mainstream media from much needed reform.

Note to Apple: a number of your fans are pretty unhappy about this. This is tantamount to suing your customers. It’s nice to finally see Apple succeeding in the marketplace again. I just hope this isn’t a sign of how Apple is going to behave now that it’s become more successful.

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