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Jon Stewart – The Last Real Journalist

Filed under: General — June 22, 2004 @ 1:46 am

Two quotations from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (2 days ago):

“You have to hand it to Bill Clinton: his integrity is at its highest when the situation is at its most hypothetical.”

“If I’m thinking of a despot who is (1) developing weapons of mass destruction, (2) harboring terrorists, (3) violating international law, and (4) persecuting his own people, you can’t tell me which country I’m talking about.”

And when Dick Cheney completely contradicts himself, Jon Stewart is the only mainstream journalist to pull out the footage that shows the contradiction. Word for word contradiction. It’s not even partisan, it’s just pointing out the straight out lies, both from the Clinton and Bush II administrations.

It’s Comedy Central, but it isn’t funny. Why aren’t the other journalists doing their job? Why is Jon Stewart the only one asking the tough questions?

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