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Do as we say… not as we do

Filed under: General — June 4, 2004 @ 11:35 am

I’m not one to generally trust “Le Monde” because of what I consider to be truly excessive bias. That said, some articles are worth mentioning.

It seems the US is about to transfer 4 French nationals from Guantanamo to French authorities. This makes sense. One wonders how Americans would feel if the French kept an American citizen captive for 2 years before releasing him back to US authorities, but let’s not harp on it: the right thing is being done here.

But here’s the kicker: the US is specifically requesting that the French treat these prisoners “humanely.” It’s simply amazing how hypocritical our administration is willing to be. Mere days after the prison abuse scandal breaks, and after 2 years of unsupervised, legally shady Guantanamo detention and questioning, we’re trying to teach others about humane treatment of prisoners?

The French would say “Ils ont des couilles en beton!” (literal translation: “they have balls of concrete”)

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