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Recall Diebold Voting Machines

Filed under: General — October 10, 2003 @ 4:47 pm

Though the overall result of the California Recall is undisputed, some questions are surfacing concerning the use of Diebold touch-screen voting machines due to some incredibly fishy results.

Apparently, Diebold refuses to allow auditing of their voting machines or the setup of an alternative paper trail of votes to allow for recounts. This means that once you’ve entered your vote on the Diebold touch-screen, there is absolutely no way to verify that your vote has been taken into account. The integrity of the system depends entirely on your trusting Diebold’s intentions and the ability of their programmers to write bug-free software with no external supervision.

This needs to change. There can be no partisanship, no commercial interests, no closed approach of any kind to the voting process.

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