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Farewell. This blog blossomed and flourished and now it is time to move on to other things. You can still find me on Facebook and Twitter, and other places, too. Stay in touch. Enjoy life. Me and the the rug are doing fine. I hope the same for you. – Molly

more Andrew Wyeth

…this time in the marsh grass of Southern Maine

birthday purge

Its my daughter’s ninth birthday today, and she received one huge and expensive present from me. It is a playmobile set with over 200 small plastic parts. Before opening the box, Rada and I decided that this time we’d keep the set sequestered in a corner of her room, so that the parts wouldn’t end […]

Animal Rights Activist

Rada spends hours directing her stuffed animals through tense dramas. She covers issues such as power, war, bullying, pushing to the front of the line, and — with her carnivores — who gets to eat whom. At one time I saw these play sessions as opportunities to teach morals and good citizenship, but I’ve long […]

and another still life

She attached the animals together with an elastic band and then they go off riding across the savanah.

Channeling Andrew Wyeth

runaway plane

Poul & I flew in to Bar Harbor this afternoon. He taxied his small excellent plane to the parking area for private aircraft. We both got out and took a look around. There was a beautiful misty salty air and a slight breeze coming in from the sea. But before he’d had a chance to […]

Cows in a bad mood

I’ve been staying with my sister in rural upstate New York. This morning, I was riding my bike past a field of grazing cows. One of them must have gotten spooked by the bike, because suddenly as a group they began lumbering disgruntledly away from me, further up the meadow. It was a halfhearted stampede: […]

Sports update

After an injury last fall which cut short her season, the Somerville Swing is back on the field this summer with a new set of moves… click here to play Notice the left hook for initial propulsion, followed by the single arm finish. ‘Swing’ is really at the top of her game. Rare footage from […]


During the winter, Rada and I play alot of chess, not so much so this time of year. But given the unrelenting rain, she pulled out the set last weekend and we set up the pieces. She’s not a very good loser so I usually let her win the first few games. My strategy is […]