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ICANN Non Delenda Est

The latest news from the ICANN meeting in Carthage is that substantive issues, rather than organizational hoopla, are dominating the agenda and the discussions.  That’s a welcome story, and indicates the success of last year’s ICANN reform process.  Key issues:  DNS wildcards, IPv6, Whois, security, new top-level domains. 

This is the first ICANN meeting I’ve ever missed, and it feels weird to be so far from the action.  I’ll be following via webcast later this week.  A big shout out to the ICANN crew:  Boo-ya!  It’s great to see the organization in such solid shape.  The new leadership team is settling in quickly, striking out in new and useful directions, and doing an excellent job so far.  Notably, CEO Paul Twomey has devoted considerable resources to increasing participation from developing countries.  And indeed, I’m happy to note that the Carthage schedule is full of workshops and more workshops and regional meetings and more regional meetings at least partially focused on the imperative of internationalization in policymaking for the Internet’s systems of unique identifiers.

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    Only minutes in the blogosphere and you’re already a master Fisk-er.

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    Oops, now I meant this to comment on the post above…but you probably knew that…