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The layout

A text in itself is not concerned with evaluation , it does not subject itself to criticism or appreciation. A text takes them for granted as part of the sense experience. An experience which is from prior knowledge, stimuli to foundation of things, skepticism , doubt. Most of what you will read will be undermined with the definitions that you have learnt following repetition, circularity, symmetry, form, lack of form, psychological balance as well as psychological imbalance.

In all of this how do we know that the text is being persieved adequately ? how do we comprehend or meet the text that may be remote to us ?

Following modern Hermeneutics, if we were to align ourselves with the idea behind the text and derive the meanings to the foundation of the core principles ourselves. The text would no longer stay remote to us, higher indulgence would lead to greater interpretations. This would subject the text to correct interpretations and therefore rightful criticism.