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masi oka gives alan autograph, alan decides to give out autographed photos as well

Masi Oka AutographAlan Hshieh Autograph

I met Masi Oka, the talented and ingenius actor who plays Hiro on Heroes, last year at an event (which event I’m not at liberty to say). He was a super awesome person, and I of course asked for his autograph (“for a friend, oh, and, it’d be nice if you could throw one in for me too”).

I received my autographed photos today, a year later, and while they are rather generic, Masi apparently remembered that I know Japanese and wrote his generic message in Japanese for me. Well done.

After receiving this photo, I realised that if Masi Oka could have autographed photo happiness, then I should be able to as well. Accordingly, I present to you the Alan Sien Wei Hshieh autographed photo. Simply send an envelope with postage and a note to my address (look around for it on my professional page) and you could have the above amazing, personalised photo to append to your collection.

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