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“We the Women of the United States”

One of the texts that we read during Week 12 was Sultana’s Dream. In the text, a woman has a dream where she is escorted through an area that is dominated by women. This world is better because women make their decisions through their intelligence and not by fighting. All of the men are trapped in the zenana. I thought that this text was extremely interesting because of its extremity. Before section, I was rather perplexed by the text. I did not understand why the author would write about a world that is completely ruled by women. In my mind, the goal of the text is to enforce the equality of women’s rights; however, I did not believe this text was realistic. To me, I felt this text was so extreme that no one would take it seriously. On the other hand, during section, I heard an alternative perspective. The text was simply used to give a glimpse of what could happen if the world was run by women. This is not necessarily what the author wanted, but it was simply an alternative look at what she believed the world is today. I found that approach extremely interesting, and this motivated me to do this particular project. I decided to create a different version of the Constitution. The Constitution is the basis of what the government of the United States is built on. The infamous line is “We the People of the United States;” however, for my project, I decided to change it “We the Women of the United States.” With this project, I attempt to think of what America would be if the very foundation of what our nation believes in was created by women. How different our nation would be.

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