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The Prophet Muhammad

In my sleep I saw

A man that can cure all things

His name, Muhammad.

For my last project, I decided to focus on the text The Burda, written by the Sufi Imam al-Busiri. The text is used entirely in praise of Muhammad, who is said to have cured the poet of paralysis by appearing to him in a dream and wrapping him in a mantle or scarf after the poet recites an endearing poem to him. After the poet is cured, he awakes and spreads the good praises of Muhammad to his people. I really wanted to do a project on this particular text because for the majority of the semester, we have focused on how Muhammad has been a leader to the Islamic community. After his exposure to Allah, Muhammad spread his word to the people. They soon looked upon him for the word and guidance. I believe the main reason why I chose this text is because of its simplicity yet its impact. The poet was paralyzed with no hope at all, but Muhammad was able to heal him even in his dreams. This simple text reminds the people of the great powers of the prophet Muhammad. For this project, I was inspired by this idea and decided to do a haiku because of how simple the structure is yet how powerful the message can be. In his sleep, the poet did see Muhammad, the man that can cure all things even in your dreams.

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