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Unfavorable Balance of Trade of Pakistan over time


In 2013-14 total imports were Rs. 4,630,520 M and in 2018 increased at Rs. 6,694,896 M. In 2013-14 the exports were Rs. 2,583,463 M and in 2017-18 exports decreased up to Rs. 2,555,043 M. There are three major types of imports of Pakistan such as consumer goods, capital goods, and Raw Material (consumer goods and capital goods). The imports of capital goods have increased by more than 100% since 2013-14 and raw materials of capital goods as well. The major three types of exports commodities in Pakistan are primary commodities, semi-manufactured goods, and manufactured goods. Currently, China has a 25% share in the import of Pakistan, and Pakistan exporting to China only 7% of total exports. In value terms, the total export value is 96.3 billion rupees and imports from China 917.2 billion rupees.

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