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Category Archives: zeroday


Beansec 2

Coming soon to an Enormous Room near you.

Beansec Comments

I have been quoted by Matasano’s blog: I kicked off the discussion with my opinions of Simson Garfinkles ‘skepticism’ towards security research. Most of this stems from the comments made during Derek Bambauer’s last Berkman fellows talk. Garfinkle’s labeling of security researchers as “extortionists” amused the group and his claim that the speakers at Blackhat […]

BeanSec1 This Monday

As reported at Matasano the first ever BeanSec will take place this Monday (how is that for short notice) in Central Square. What An informal meetup of information security professionals and academics in Cambridge/Boston. Unlike other meetups, you will not be expected to pay dues, “join up”, present a zero-day exploit, or defend your dissertation […]

More attacks on my web server [Elf Kaiten.AQ]

the same as the last one which was based on Mambo (open source CMS). This time I was able to pull the files down in time. EDIT: More information here documented by enkrypted UPDATE: Secunia reports this as Elf Kaiten.AQ TrendMicro reports the trojan but the statistics are horribly wrong. Just the channel I’m monitoring […]

Badware- Jessica Simpson Screensaver

The good folks at have released some interesting new reports about the current crop of spyware. Team Taylor Made’s Jessica Simpson Screensaver does a little more then entertain you while your computer is idle. It disables your AV, redirects your URLs, and even has a stealth dialer to rack up charges to your phone […]

The first defcons

The first defcons have recently come up for debate. The founder of nCircle thought he was the first winner of the CTF contest. “Moss recalls that another individual won the first two Capture the Flag contests. “It was this guy called A.J. Reznor, who won it in a pretty famous way,” Moss says. “This guy […]