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WiFi public service announcements project

While figuring out just how I will securely install wireless in my apt I came up with an idea. I wanted to blog it so I couldn’t weasel out of it later. The idea I had was based on some suggestions from Dragorn (the guy who wrote Kismet) which is to allow open access to the wifi and halt traffic at an internal firewall. Once you get to the internal firewall vpn is used to grant access to the internet and other internal machines.
the WF PSA project I came up with was simple. Set up a fake daemon to answer all the requests I will inevitably get on pop3 and imap when users try to check their email over my WiFi. The daemon would accept the user and pass and tell them there is one message in their mailbox. The message would have their username and password in it along with a warning that sending such things in cleartext on other peoples WiFi is not a good idea. Maybe some links to FAQs about these things. other possible protocols include IM or anything else requiring a password.
I’m looking into Karma and madwifi as basic building blocks for this project and building on an ancient P133 desktop I have.

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