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00002ed0 lwz r0,0x90cc(r2)
00002f00 lwz r0,0x90cc(r2)
00002f30 stw r3,0x90cc(r2)
000062f4 lwz r0,0x90(r2)
00008f78 beq cr7,0x90fc
00008fe4 bne cr7,0x9084
0000900c bne+ cr7,0x9084
0000903c bne+ cr7,0x9084
00009050 bne+ cr7,0x9084
000090bc bne+ cr7,0x90e0
0000f2b4 oris r0,r0,0x9000
0000fa28 addi r1,r1,0x90
0001004c addi r1,r1,0x90
00011494 stw r0,0x90(r30)
000114a8 stw r29,0x90(r30)
00013d54 stw r3,0x90(r29)
0001564c stw r9,0x90(r1)
000156e0 stw r9,0x90(r1)
00015994 addi r4,r4,0x900
000183b4 stw r9,0x90(r1)
000183bc lfd f0,0x90(r1)
00019824 addi r1,r1,0x90
0001b74c addi r1,r1,0x90

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