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Lewis Hyde on Fair Use for Educators

Lewis Hyde outlined the “Encroachment on the Commons” now underway in the academy. A basic dilemma facing educational fair use is that it’s stuck between too much specificity (cutting out potentially fair uses) and too much vagueness (leading teachers to avoid risk by stopping far short of fair use). To the extent that specific guidelines […]

Revision: BAD Blogging is undermining the NY Times’ credibility

With feedback from my colleagues at Berkman, I have some major upgrades to my rather testy post yesterday. I think I’ve distilled my critique of the NY Times’ (and other MSM newspapers’) foray into blogging, or perhaps better to say into the Internet, into the following points: Journalists’ professional integrity depends in part on public […]

NY Times: your experiment with blogging has failed

When blogging first erupted into the World’s Wild Web, practitioners declared a revolution in media affairs: bloggers would bring journalism to the people. No longer would MainStream Media hold magical sway over our minds, because (1) MSM had been revealed to be biased and unfair, and (2) journalists’ “professionalism” actually stands in the way of […]

E-Discovery hits the White House?

A little off-topic here, but I find it amusing how e-discovery is quite possibly about to hit Gonzalez Applied to private corporations, e-discovery is a major and expensive undertaking, and has repeatedly revealed embarrassing information about the seamy (or, perhaps, quite normal) underside of corporate life, but when leveled against the government, and the […]

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