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Colors in nature and interface design:

Luke Wroblewski writes that color schemas in nature when used on interfaces have “the potential to distinguish (by helping create a more memorable website), guide (by allowing users to focus on interactions), engage (by making page layouts comfortable and more inviting), and inspire (by offering new ideas for color selection).” Users hate monotonous interfaces for frequently used interface, skins satisfy most of them. But creating skins for each application is very difficult. In MSN messenger, the background of a chat window can be changed to any picture. The images that change daily on top of this blog are also distorted versions of real images. Enabling the interface to change its appearance by sampling a real image will give the users unlimited options with minimal effort.
ImgThumb.jpg: Nice tulips siteImgThumb.jpg: Design Media header image.

Macromedia MX 2004 out

: Studio MX2004, Dreamweaver MX2004, Fireworks MX2004, Macromedia Flash MX2004 and Macromedia Flash MX2004 Professional all up for grabs. Fourteen new articles on devnet too. Grab em and crack through them. The new component architecture is the most interesting of all. Information on building new components is here and here. Also loading data across domains is a lot stricter. Update: There have been a lot of searches to this post for “macromedia flash mx 2004 crack”, “macromedia flash mx professional 2004 crack”, “macromedia studio mx 2004 crack” and “macromedia dreamweaver mx 2004 crack”. Well, here is a link to a post which claims to have it.

Flash Accessibility notes:

Bob Regan posts a breeze presentation Flash Accessibility. In the comments section Amir Dotan says that flash deals accessibility as a seperate entity and the richness of the data entered is lost and Eric LoPresti stresses on reducing the complexity in the development process. HiSoftware has two products which check flash files for accessiblity.
On another note, David Crow points to a study analyzing private sector web sites for accessiblity which used the Bobby online accessibility test for ADA Section 508 compatibility.

Laszlo OPML viewer:

Microsoft Task pane for explorerSarah
Allen created a nice
OPML widget
for her blog, which shows the blogroll in a small viewer organized
into categories. The Laszlo accordian pane or TabSlider used here
solves the vertical space crunch problem nicely. Microsofts task pane widget
for explorer on the right does the job even better in windows XP. Update: The difference is that, multiple panes can be open on explorer taskpane. But I think both have their advantages and specific uses.