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January 3rd, 2010

Dropbox: Cool Service, Promising Startup

I recently started using a file syncing / backup service called Dropbox. It’s an awesome service and if you have multiple computers you should use it too. Dropbox solves the problems that arise from having files strewn across multiple computers e.g. a work computer and a home computer. If you don’t want to lug your work computer home every night, or don’t want to have to remember to email yourself various files so that you can access them from another computer, then check out Dropbox. You install a small piece of software on each computer that you want to sync. Dropbox creates a folder on your hard drive (My Dropbox in the Documents folder by default) and automatically does two things with any files that you place in that folder:

  1. Syncs the files across all computers on which you’ve installed Dropbox
  2. Makes the files accessible via the web at dropbox’s website

Dropbox is free up to 2GB of storage. At this point, I’m just using it to sync my work files across 2 computers (a PC and a Mac, by the way – Dropbox works with both, as well as the iPhone. Hopefully an Android app will be on the way soon). Since my work files only total about 1GB of data, Dropbox is free for me. Dropbox charges $10 per month for 50GB of storage and $19.99 per month for 100GB. As such, it’s somewhat more expensive than other straight backup services out there. I view it more as a sync tool than a backup tool, though, and probably wouldn’t use it for bigger files like music and pictures.

Check it out here: Dropbox

December 12th, 2009

First post!

Hello all (or none, for now):

I’m interested in technology and poker and the intersection thereof as well as the current legal environment surrounding poker. I’ll be blogging about tech and startups that I think are interesting, what’s going on in the poker world (online and off) and what’s happening legally and legislatively in the poker space.

Looking forward to keeping this blog updated and to following other Harvard blogs as well.

Thanks for reading. First substantive post coming soon!